Valentine’s Day

Ah yes, the most split day of the year.

I remember back in elementary school I would come home crying every valentine’s day because no one had asked me to be their valetine. I got all the usual cards and candy in my box or brown bag but it wasn’t enough. The idea that day was for everyone to feel loved but I never felt that way.
I will admit, since I was a kid I was have always been in love with the idea of love (which goes back to my unhealthy relationships in the past) and knowing someone wasn’t IN love with me really tore me apart. My mom tried to explain to me that no boy in the 2nd grade will ask me to be their Valentine because like 98% of children don’t typically do that. So going through middle school was even worse because I didn’t get a boyfriend until the eighth grade which is the same year I got my first kiss, and by then I was practically done with middle school, and when high school came around…oh god please don’t get me started. I was 16 and had a better understanding of Valentine’s Day and still wanted to cry after coming home from school because now we were at the point where you didn’t HAVE to give everyone a tiny gift. It wasn’t until my senior year I received a waxed rose (one of the many gifts one of the clubs passed out) but like who cares about a wax rose?! I didn’t get it from a guy, and it wasn’t even a singing Valentine. Yeah $10 is a lot for any high school but I just wanted someone to be willing to do something like for me. I grew up hating Valentine’s Day. The first time I had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day he came to my house at 6:30 pm, gave me a build-a-bear (which was really cute) but because we couldn’t think of anything to do he left by 7:30. The next year I was dating a different guy and that was much cuter. We went to see the actual movie Valentine’s Day…and honestly I don’t even remember what else we did because it was nothing spectacular. It was like every other day.
So here I am now, at 21 years old and the one thing I have grown to hate about Valentine’s Day are the bitter ass single people. Ah yes, I was one of those for a long time. I would even wear black certain years just to make a point. Why did I hate Valentine’s Day? WELL OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE I WAS SCARRED FROM NOT FEELING LOVED. But lemme explain something, I grew up understanding that Valentine’s Day was only for people IN love. In recent years I realize this is not the case. Its for EVERYONE. It’s about celebrating love in general. Who do you love? Your mom? Your sister? Your dog? It doesn’t matter because I hope there is someone in your life that you deeply care about so much that you truly love them. They are your Valentine. Are you single? So maybe you are. Do you know a couple? You most likely do. So celebrate their love as well. If you truly love your friend you are so happy for them that they have found their partner (hopefully) and that really is something to celebrate.
“Oh Alex, it’s so easy for you to say! You have a boyfriend!”
DAMN RIGHT I DO. But on Valentine’s Day I have a shift from 3 AM-9AM and school from 10AM-5PM. Jackson works from 6AM-6PM so IF we do hang out afterwards, we are going to SLEEP. Our relationship for the past year has consisted of taking naps and being lazy and random sleep overs and why not do that because thats how it is with us and we should celebrate that. Maybe I won’t remember it in a few years from now because it will be just like any other day, but I will have more Valentine’s Day whether I’m single or not.
My point is….
Around this time of year there are four groups of people.
1) Single and bitter
2) Single and analytical
3) Taken
4) Single…yes just single.

I hate one and two. I would rather someone get on FB and post another over dramatic engagement video then to EVER see another “I LOVE BEING SINGLE POST AND ITS BECAUSE I LOVE NETFLIX AND FOOD.”
I chose to be single for a long time to work on myself mentally and that’s why I liked it. I didn’t know you had to be single to watch netflix and eat Pizza otherwise I’ve been doing in wrong.
Whoa man, take a step back. Maybe that’s true, but instead of being SO NEGATIVE you can take a breather and appreciate the fact that love is still out there and maybe this year you weren’t in love…that’s okay. Go to the flower shop, buy some flowers and send them to your grandma, or aunt, shoot, send em to your dad! He would get a kick out of that.
And yes, when your younger you do have to think you have to be in love but that’s because of all of the single people who get so worked up about a whole 24 HOURS. I hope that as the years go on I will see more people like 3 and 4. But let me explain number 4.
A number kind of person is agreeing with this post. They are going to embrace Valentine’s Day and let someone know they are loved. They are like a number 3 kind of person who is going to celebrate someway somehow and still laugh as to how many types of skittles and starbursts they can invent.

So to those of you who fall into the 1 & 2 category… You are the one’s who makes Valentine’s a conflicting holiday. It’s you who make the younger one’s think not having a significant other on Valentine’s Day is a bad thing thus continuing this vicious cycle. Lighten up, you still have 364 days left in the year to be bitter….don’t try and pack it all in one day. 😉



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